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I love all my humans but I love Carmel best of all.   
I love the snow.  Human Step Grandmother (HSG) and I say goodbye to the last of it.  It is April 2nd.  HSG says 'about flipping time!'
<![CDATA[A Valentine Story  ]]>Mon, 16 Feb 2015 01:35:09 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/a-valentine-storyPicture
We have seen a lost dog running around. It was especially important that he be reunited with his humans as the weather is so very cold.   He was given the name Waldo by folks who had seen him and did not know he was really Max, who had been  missing for two months.  

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, we reported that we had seen Max and in no time his humans were here to try to persuade him to come home. This dog just wanted to run. Then his main human fell to the ground and played dead.   Max ran to check on him and these pictures tell the rest of the story.  
Max's humans are having a party in the spring 'Max's Reunion'.   We have been invited. HSG wants to know what happened the Art Openings, Theater Events, Wine Tastings, Cocktail parties and other such sophisticated happenings which were her social life in another country in what seems another lifetime!  Still, I have a feeling she is happy to go to Max's party, and it will  be fun!   

Max is one happy dog!  I think he is smiling!

<![CDATA[Snow]]>Mon, 16 Feb 2015 00:46:33 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/snowPicture
I love the snow.  Here it tickles my noose and I close my eyes in ecstasy .    Human Step Grandmother says there are daffodils in the ground under the snow, ready to bloom in the spring. I think she has high hopes -but - we   will see! 

Now this is what I call a good time!   The gardeners clear as much snow as they can off the parking lot every day  and make lovely piles of it especially for me to play in.   HSG  however,  keeps loosing her gloves in the snow.   She cannot wait to see the end of it!

What kind of things can you do for fun in the snow?
<![CDATA[Babies I Would Like to Take Home]]>Sun, 04 Jan 2015 21:24:59 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/babies-i-would-like-to-take-homePicture
This Siamese kitten is 'Sassy'.  She lives in California.   I would like her to  move to Vermont  so that she could play with me.  Carmel, however, refuses to go to get her.   In spite of this I love Carmel more than my best peanut butter filled bone, and sometimes she is right about these things.  Sassy knows who both her parents are, unusual in my animal world, so she might be a bit uppity and not fit in with my other friends.   


The little boy in this picture is Parker,  my friend.  We have fun together but his mother will not give him to me.  She wants to keep him for herself.  He is a lovely little boy.  

Why do you think Parker's mother wants to keep him? 

Parker gives me a cookie and I give him a 'Thank You' kiss. 
<![CDATA[King]]>Fri, 26 Dec 2014 03:05:30 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/king Picture
A new kitten has come to the neighborhood and I have been getting to know him.  His name is King and he looks like a fluffy jar of marmalade.  I have made him welcome and we have become friends. We love to play hide and seek and chase each other around and around.  There is only one problem.  I cannot take King home with me.  His human wants to keep him at her house.       

I love babies of all kinds and I would really like to have my very own kitten.  Carmel will have to do something about that.    I will keep thinking really hard about getting a kitten and hope that after a while my idea will pop into Carmel's head and she will think it is her idea.   I will let you know how I get along.  

How do you think King got his name?
<![CDATA[CHALLENGES WITH PAULIE]]>Wed, 26 Nov 2014 13:58:48 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/problems-with-paulie
Paulie, the cat, is getting on my last nerve!  For one thing he takes over my bed, even though he has his own bed in a nice warm spot on the window ledge.  Just because he was here first he thinks he is in charge.  What can I do?

Here I am asking him to play.  He might, he might not.  He might run around the couch and pretend to  hide, or he might jump up on a high shelf and look at me in a superior manner.   I will have to perk up my ears and see what can be done about his behavior.   

Why do you think Paulie does not always want to play with Juju?  
<![CDATA[Human Grandfather]]>Sat, 01 Nov 2014 13:36:40 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/human-grandfatherHuman Grandfather and me on Father's Day 
I really enjoy spending time with Human Grandfather.  I sit near him when ever I can.   He uses a stick to help him walk and sometimes when I see the stick a bad memory from my early life begins to form in my mind.    Human Grandfather then smiles at me and says 'Hello, Little Mite' and I forget the bad memory and feel safe and happy. The very best time is when he says 'Come on Juju, let's go and sit outside'.  We go outside and I look around to see what I can see while Human Grandfather relaxes.   This is very good therapy for us both, and a nice rest from us for Human Step Grandmother!
What kind of things do you think Juju might see outside?
<![CDATA[October 25th, 2014]]>Sat, 25 Oct 2014 21:19:22 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/october-25th-2014GREYLOCK KENNEL CLUB
Thanks to Charlene Lambert for the terrific pictures
Arriving at Greylock in my new green collar, full of joy and ready to play. 


A good way to socialize is to belong to a club.  My club is called 'Graylock Canine Club'   My main human, Carmel, whom I love dearly though she thinks she knows everything, decided I need to play with other dogs and work out some of my energy.  'Greylock' is the answer.   I go there two days a week and have a really good time. Charlene, the owner, is very nice to all of us doggies, though she puts up with no nonsense. 
Seven dogs sit in a row.  They are all waiting for a treat from Charlene.  All, that is,  except me.  I am keeping an eye on them to make sure they act properly.   If they misbehave I will give them a good barking to!  Though Charlene does not know it I have appointed myself as her assistant and this is part of my job.  
How many dogs do you see?

There are hundreds of sticks in the yard but sharing is fun!

<![CDATA[October 20th, 2014]]>Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:39:39 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/october-20th-2014Picture

Thanks to Risa Tajima for the really great picture!


Human Step Grandmother, also known as HSG, and I are out for an Autumn walk.   I play with the leaves.  It is windy.  A team of leaves rise from the ground and twirl and swirl around me.  They are teasing me, pretending they are going to fly away.  I jump and pounce on as many as I can and bring them back to earth where they belong.  I have won the game!
Our friend and neighbor, Risa,  is taking pictures and wants to take one of us.  I obligingly sit in my best cover dog  pose.  HSG says she is wearing no makeup to cover her wrinkles and to please take the picture another time.  Risa replies that laughter is good make up and takes the picture anyway.  
Even my vain HSG admits it is a really nice picture!  

Can you draw a tree and color the leaves in autumn colors?
<![CDATA[October 01st, 2014]]>Thu, 02 Oct 2014 00:18:09 GMThttp://artdollsnaturally.weebly.com/ju-ju/october-01st-2014


Paulie and I live in a nice rambling comfortable house.   Paulie is the cat and he and I keep an eye on each other. Carmel is my number one human. Other humans in my life are grandfather and step grandmother.  I watch out for them while Carmel is at work though they think they are taking care of me!
Today my sitter is human step grandmother.  She believes she is clever but I know I can fool her.  Two people in the parking lot look nice and friendly.   I run back and forth to the door and look at her and hope she thinks I need to go out.  I do not NEED to go out, I just WANT to go out.  Aha, I am out!  The two people pet me and my tail wags and wags.  I love attention.  They ask what is my breed and what age I am.   Well, humans  say I look like a pit bull but we all know I am something much more aristocratic, not yet discovered.  Age?  I did have a birthday party on the  first day of Spring.  It was decided that I was probably about two.  I got a new bone and all the humans got cake and gave me extra pets.  It was a very nice day!

Can you think of any other animals, besides dogs and cats, which would make nice pets?